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Sangoku Tenka Trigger


I will enjoy formal Three Kingdom Saga by the new field "Sangoku Tenka Trigger" easy operation of Three Kingdom Saga which a cancer hoe cultivates!<1> Play time is from 1-time 10 seconds! If the city to attack is chosen and the general who goes to war is chosen, the rest will be as it waits for a result! Even if the waiting time of a train, a little recess, etc. are busy, they can be enjoyed!
<2> Full-scale Three Kingdom Saga The battlefield based on the episode of Three Kingdom Saga is reproduced! A detailed story is attached to all the generals and battlefields! Or getting used to Sangokushi geeks only by playing a game !?
<3> The generals of rich individuality All members of the Three Kingdom Saga fan's conviction more than 300 generals appear! Famous generals are substantial! Or that the general whom you do not know also appears ? of course, henceforth is due to appear one after another!